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Kite Bars 

The DSD Bar comes in 4 sizes - 45cm, 50cm, 55cm and 60cm 

*Moulded EVA grip - 2mm raised sections for comfort and control light weight at your finger tips. 

*Fully moulded EVA Bar ends - Soft, lightweight and floatational 

*QR - Passes all standards and still the most easiest release on the market to date - 5kg release load @ 500kg load 

*Single line flagging system - The original design and still the best. 

*Adjustable harness loop 

*Moulded dick (removable) 

*Teufelburger lines - FL-9 Fronts for safety and NO STRETCH, FL-10 rear lines, less drag and light weight NO STRETCH 

*PU covered depower rope - No wear 

*Clam cleat adjustable depower system - Bungee recoils over hang system 

*22m Standard line lengths 


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