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Spristake i karbon. Designet for ende til ende, dip jibbing og vertikal lagring. Lengde, endehylser, festemateriell osv, kan tilpasses tiltenkt båt og bruk. Send oss gjerne en mail dersom du ønsker en spesial tilpasset bom.

Bommen blir levert med fitting for bayonette ende.


Vi anbefaler Twaron Protection kit. for alle karbon spinnaker bommer.


Kostnader for spesialfrakt kan tilkomme.

Carbon spinnaker pole 88

kr23 190,00Pris
  • Seldén quality We have developed our own computer controlled manufacturing method in which prepreg (pre-impregnated) tows are wound onto a mandrel (cylinder) prior to oven curing. This method enables us to exercise full control over every stage of the manufacturing process and guarantee products of consistently high quality. One of the big advantages of this Seldén production method is that it enables us to achieve sufficient durability in the areas subject to the greatest loads and wear.

  • Seldén carbon spinnaker poles are suitable for dinghies and for yachts up to 30 tonnes. The larger poles are tapered to optimise weight/strength requirements, and facilitate handling.

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